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To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business , and your business in your heart.– Thomas Watson Senior

The very thoughts and belief about Consulting, Auditing and Training prompted us to become the professional pool of experts called INFOCRATUS TECHNOLOGIES, providing efficient and value-driven services to our clients across industry verticals.

When you spend more than a decade working across the corporates in India, two things happen. One – you love your comfort zone. Two – Your comfort zones loves you back.

What this really does to you is nothing but limits and restricts your growth and, in a way, takes you a little away from your passions and dreams. After finding himself at such a crossroad, the founder of InfoCratus Technologies decided that enough was enough. It was a time to chase the dreams and follow the passion. Moreover, It was important to use the experience and expertise gained in all these years to get utilized far more effectively to clients across verticals. In simple words, it was all about solving their day-to-day business problems with the help of management consulting, auditing and advisory as well as corporate training expertise.

Found & established in 2015, InfoCratus is a first-generation service provider with a team of top business consultants in Mumbai, working with businesses across India and overseas. Though our primary focus has been into management system consulting for various ISO standards, we have carved a niche name for ourselves in the areas of ISO auditing & advisory, corporate training workshops as well as technology risk management services.

InfoCratus Technologies, a team of business consultants in Mumbai, offers expertise in an array of value-driven services in the areas of:

  • Information Security & Cyber Security
  • Quality Management
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Environmental Management

Service Portfolio of InfoCratus is broadly categorized into verticals mentioned below.

Management system consulting

Management System Consulting

Being one of the leading management consulting firms in Mumbai, our experts will take care of your ISO management system, right from gap assessment to ISO certification. And, even beyond that.

Auditing & Advisory Services

Get a raw assessment of your organization systems & processes through our risk-based audits and advisory support.

Corporate Training

Competence, Awareness & Knowledge Management through our interactive and comprehensive training programs.

Technology Risk Management

Robust solutions and support to manage your technology risks.

We value our employees & partners as much as we value our customers. Our focus is always on investing in relationships and building trust, to create long-term value.

To know more about our services in detail, visit our corporate brochure.

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